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Water Care FAQ

  • BASIC WATER CARE: Maintaining water chemistry

    Always maintain water chemistry as recommended by your local pool professionals.

    • Ideal Chemical Balance chart
      • Chlorine 1-3
      • PH 7.2-7.6
      • Alkalinity 80-120
      • Cyanuric Acid (stabilizer) 30-100
      • Calcium Hardness (vinyl) 150-200 (plaster)200-400
      • Salinity (if equipped) varies with system
  • BASIC WATER CARE: How to get a water sample for in-store testing

    • Always get 8oz of water from a 1-2’ depth at middle of pool or spa after pump and filter has ran for at least 6 hours.
    • Sample must be tested within 3 hours and never leave in direct sunlight prior to testing
    • Always boost chlorine levels (shock pool) according to test results.
  • BASIC WATER CARE: Water care for plaster finishes

    For plaster finishes a sequestering agent is recommended for normal maintenance to reduce staining and etching

  • BASIC WATER CARE: Do's and Dont's

    • Always wear protective gear when using harmful chemicals
    • Never mix more than one chemical at a time
    • Always follow directions from your pool professionals when adding chemicals
    • When in doubt… Just call, we’ll be glad to help

    1. Vacuum the pool if necessary
    2. Backwash and rinse the filter
    3. Shock pool if needed
    4. Wait three hours after shocking before adding the stabilizer
    5. Pour stabilizer slowly into the skimmer

    For the next five days:

    1. Run pool
    2. Do not vacuum, backwash, or rinse
    3. Keep a close watch on chlorine level

    If your pH level is low, please add as follows:

    • 3 cups of pH in a plastic bucket filled with water and toss across the shallow
    • 3 cups of pH in a plastic bucket filled with water and toss across the shallow
    • 3 cups of pH in bucket filled with water and toss across the shallow

    9 cups total

    Test your pH daily to make sure it is up to 7.2-7.9 reading. If not, you many need to add an additional treatment. Treating your pool for low Alkaline levels, will also help increase the pH level.

    Note: Never add pH at the same time as Alkaline or Calcium. pH should be added at least four hours prior to adding these two other chemicals.


    1. Adjust pH level to 7.4-7.9
    2. Shake the bottle of Drop Out very well
    3. Turn the multiport valve on re-circulate
    4. Pour Drop Out directly into skimmer
    5. Let pump run or re-circulate for two hours and let the pool settle for 12 to 48 hours
    6. Manually vacuum pool on “waste” setting

    Note: Remember in order to vacuum pool on “waste” setting you need to fill the pool to capacity as water will go out the backwash line while you vacuum.

  • HOW TO ADD CHEMICALS TO A POOL: Treatment for algae

    1. Brush the walls and floor of pool and remove any debris (backwash and rinse)
    2. Adjust pH level to 7.2-7.9
    3. Add recommended amount of algaecide for YOUR pool
    4. Add double the usual amount of chlorine in the evening, when there is no sun on the pool. Repeat treatment two or three evenings for severe algae.
    5. Let the filter run at least 24 to 36 hours
    6. When the algae dies, it normally looks like sand, and needs to be manually vacuumed out on “waste” setting.
    7. Do not be alarmed if the pool looks worse before it looks better. As algae breaks loose from walls and floors, it can cause the water to look black. In some cases the pool will need to be “flocked” to pull the dead algae to the floor before it can be vacuumed. You can purchase flock (Drop Out) at any of our locations. Sometimes a follow up dose of clarifier is needed.